Make a donation to the Association "Athletes For Transparency" (AFT) is:


- Contribute to the ethics of sport through concrete and effective actions


- Save a percentage of the amount paid from your taxe that depends of your country (example in France: independent donators benefit from a tax break of up to 66% of the amount donated with a maximum of 20% of the taxable income)


- Ensure the proper us of money given: the Association publishes its full financial results since its creation in 2004 (click here)

Donations can be made by check                                                                  OR                                 with credit card from the interface of the foundation

                                                                                                                                                                "Medicine & Science in Ultra-Endurance Sports"

Payable to: "Association Athletes For Transparency"                                                                                   (click on the logo of the foundation below)


To send to: Association Athletes For Transparency

                   INEED ROVALTAIN TGV

                   1 rue Marc Seguin 26 300 ALIXANS